Sabina Sakoh

sabina SAKOH


1968 Born in Munich / Germany
1974 Introduction to painting by her grandfather Günther Strupp at the age of six. He was an artist and friend of Bertold Brecht, and was persecuted by the Nazi regime as active member of the Résistance.
1988 Academy of fine arts in Munich / Germany under Professor Baschang
1989 - 1992 German master school for fashion and design under Stephan Kehlhammer and Hans Schütz, Diploma
since 1993 Working self-employed as illustrator
since 2002 Freelance artist as Sabina Niederkofler
Extensive examination of her grandfather's personal history; she develops the series
Paris Resistance
since 2010 Works under the pseudonym Sabina Sakoh
Participation at Kulturfrühstück Landau in der Pfalz, panel discussion with Dr. Guido Westerwelle, foreign minister and journalist Jan Fleischhauer
2012 / 2014 Art | Basel - Miami Beach
2014 Preise und Stipendien | Awards and Scholarships:
Residence Grand, Budapest Art Factory, Budapest
2015 The Armory Show, New York
2015 Biennalen | Biennales: 1. Venice Triennale in the name of Freedom in the Art
Lives and works in Munich and Berlin

public and private collections

Collection Kunsthalle Rostock


Collection Museum Alison & Peter W. Klein


Collection Holle | Salon der Gegenwart


Collection Kunsthalle Frank Hense


Collection LIP Inholte


Collection Dr. Guido Westerwelle


Collection Becker


Collection Museum Rosenhang


My grandfather‘s work: Nana Nitribitt of Frankfurt

My father Peter Strupp working together with Willy Brandt

Nice time in New York, Participation at THE ARMORY SHOW

Together with Dr. Guido Westerwelle (German Exminister for foreign affairs) panal discussion

Participation Venice Triennale

My grandfather Günther Strupp, artist (painter) in resistance persecuted by the Naziregime

Together with Reinhold Messner, European citizens

Together with Dr. Guido Westerwelle (German Exminister of foreign affairs) panal discussion

German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Work February 2012, Sabina Sakoh